CEU Payments Gateway

1., Security

CIB Bank ensures that all transactions are securely executed.

2., Reasons for payment

You could initiate payment for the following reasons:

Please note that this payment gateway has not been designed to accept donations.

3. Payment steps:

  1. On the page of the online payment system you select the services, for which you intend to pay with your bank card.
  2. Following that you’re redirected to the webpage of CIB Bank guaranteeing secure payment, where you have to enter your card data to begin the payment.
  3. Following this, you’re redirected to CIB Bank’s page guaranteeing secure payment, where you have to enter your card data to start the payment process.
  4. Following the payment, you’re directed back to the Store page, where you receive a confirmation about the result of the payment.

In the case of bankcard payments, following the successful transaction – this means the approval after the expiry date of the bank card and the coverage are controlled – CIB Bank debits the account of the Card Holder with the countervalue of the goods/services.

If you’re not directed back from the payment page to the Store’s website, the transaction qualifies as unsuccessful. If you click on the „Back” of „Refresh” buttons of the browser on the bank’s payment page, or close the browser window before you could be redirected to the store, the payment will qualify as unsuccessful. If you wish to receive more information about the outcome of the transaction, or learn about the causes and details of unsuccessful transactions, please contact your account keeping bank.

4., Currencies

Payment can be initiated both in forint and in euro. Naturally, cards linked to a bank account kept in a currency other than forint or euro can also be used for payment – that is, by any card suitable for online purchases, issued by any bank in the world – thus not only by a forint or euro-based bank card. Please consider that in such cases your bank can charge you extra conversion fees or execute the conversion on its own rate.

For converting fees, you could find the daily exchange rates on http://www.ceu.edu/admissions/funding-fees/tuition-fees/financial-regula.... Please use it when you would like to pay in different currency (i.e. in USD, GBP etc.) than the payable amount is determined (ie. in EUR or HUF). You are kindly requested to use the most current exchange rate in each case.

In case you have problems with downloading the daily exchange rate excel, please contact Tamara Bobor at: bobort@ceu.edu

5., Accepted bank cards

CIB Bank’s online payment system settles transactions performed by bank cards belonging to the MasterCard and Visa product families. Of the various bank cards suitable for making purchases, the following can be used for initiating transactions:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron - However using this over the internet is subject to the consent of the card-issuing bank. (The issuing bank decides whether to allow the use of the card in ‘card not present’, or CNP transactions.)
  • Virtual bank cards specifically designed for online payment, e.g. CIB Internet Card

6., Advantages

Paying for services online offers numerous advantages over traditional forms of payment:

  • Convenient and secure cashless payment method
  • International: purchases can be made anywhere in the world regardless of the currency of purchase and the currency of the card account.
  • Open for business 24 hours of the day

7., Contact information

If you have any comment or issue regarding either the online payment system or a certain payment, please contact us at the following email address: paymentgateway@ceu.edu, working hours between: 9am - 17pm on workdays.

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